Clinical Trial Resources

The Clinical Trials Network (CTN) has assisted numerous companies and contract research organizations with the molecular imaging portion of their clinical trials. In addition to PET/CT scanner validation and trial design assistance, CTN can help identify clinical sites with access to the radiopharmaceutical, scanner, or synthesis module you may require. CTN can also develop a detailed imaging manual specific to your trial and include scanner specific reconstruction parameters, if required. We can also provide imaging case report forms, image quality control reports, and provide image QC.  

SNMMI has a 60+ year history of providing education to molecular imagers. and CTN can develop protocol-specific training modules and train your study site personnel. We also offer a curriculum of courses, with CME and VOICE credits, to get all study personnel up-to-speed on performing molecular imaging research. 

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  • Pricing for imaging manual development begins at $3,000, and is dependent on trial complexity.
  • Pricing for CRF development begins at $1,000, and is dependent on trial complexity.