Scanner Validation Program

The Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Scanner Validation Program was established to ensure the quantitative accuracy of PET/CT scanners used in multicenter trials. The phantom was designed as a clinical simulator to evaluate the detection of lesions in an anthropomorphic model. Since inception, the program has collected nearly 500 phantom data sets from nearly 200 imaging sites sampling the spectrum of commercially available PET/CT systems. This data set has allowed the CTN to develop acceptance criteria to determine quantitative acceptance of PET imaging acquired in multi-center studies.

The main goals of the Scanner Validation Program are:

 To provide relevant and meaningful assurances to trial sponsors that PET/CT scanners in their trials will perform quantitatively and qualitatively above predetermined standards, rationally set, based upon seven years of data collection and analysis.

 To globally raise the bar for quantitative PET/CT imaging in clinical trials and clinical practice. 

 To provide constructive feedback to imaging sites regarding their scanner’s performance characteristics based upon our historical collected data.